About Us

Since 1976, RFV Sales, Inc. has provided quality products, reliable service and cost-savings to

Chicago-area businesses.  We specialize in providing product information and sales assistance

to customers in order to resolve facility maintenance needs in a cost-effective manner.

RFV Sales, Inc. is a full line distributor of cleaning chemicals, janitorial and food service supplies,

industrial products and packaging materials.  With our 120,000 square foot warehouse along and

ten delivery trucks on the street each and every day, we can truly offer the best service around. 

Companies in almost every industry have realized the benefits of doing business with us. Our

diversified customer base includes businesses in the following industries:

                                                General Manufacturing 
                                           Business & Financial Operations
                                           Transportation & Warehousing 
                                                    Education Services
                                                       Food Services 
                                                 Health & Social Services
                                               Wholesale & Retail Trade 
                                                     Arts & Recreation